Pave the Way for a Smooth Sale

Pre-listing inspections let you know in advance if there are items that need repair. Even the most attentive homeowners may not know the condition of the roof, HVAC, or plumbing efficiency. Getting ahead of the buyer’s inspection prior to closing helps in many ways:

Benefit of pre-listing inspection before putting the house on the market

Knowing the condition of all elements in your house lets you price the house accordingly and competitively. You can decide what to repair, or what to leave as is. If you want to repair, you have the time to shop around for the best repair price, rather than taking the first bid to save time. Also, prior to selling, you must accurately complete a seller’s disclosure. The seller’s disclosure is binding, and may result in legal issues after the sale if you fail to disclose something about the property. With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll receive a report on issues that an inspector may find. We’ll explain the findings and answer your questions. You and your realtor can decide which items are most important to fix or repair. And, you can market the home as pre-inspected.

Benefit of pre-listing inspection during sales negotiations

You can feel confident about your asking price when you know what to expect from an inspection. Buyers may or may not inspect the home if you have already paid for a pre-inspection. If you wait, a buyer’s inspection may reveal issues that generate a request for repairs or a re-negotiation of their offer.

Benefit of pre-listing inspection at closing

Homes in good condition sell for a higher percentage of asking price, and sell faster than those in need of work or repair. You want to avoid re-negotiation. Also, when you know and plan ahead, you’re less likely to delay closing or lose a sale at the last minute due to inspection findings.

You’ll reduce your liability and provide buyers with the peace of mind of knowing the condition of things like appliances or HVAC. Buyers are able to make a stronger offer with accurate information.