Know the Condition of Your Brand New Home

Buyers of newly constructed homes need an inspection, just as if buying a pre-owned home. Your new home is a significant investment, and an inspection ensures that your expectations for construction are validated. We have many excellent builders in Kern County. But the sheer volume of work makes it likely that things will be missed here and there. Builders typically offer warranties for their work for a certain time period, but it’s much easier on everyone to have everything in your home in working order from the start. Here are three benefits of having an inspection for new construction:

Verify quality of workmanship

Home builders often use sub-contractors for construction, and the subs are chosen based on lowest bid. You may trust your homebuilder completely, but you want to verify that the quality of work performed by the subs is accurate. Roofing is a typical issue that requires verification. It doesn’t rain a lot in Bakersfield, so a leaky roof won’t show up right away. Having a professional inspection ensures that roof materials are properly installed and that leaks won’t be a problem.

Substantiate municipal inspector approvals

Municipal inspectors have very busy, long days inspecting properties. They may not get to test every single electrical outlet, switch, appliance, or fixture. A green tag from the inspector is the go-ahead to keep going. Utilities may not even be hooked up during certain inspections. Municipal inspectors also do not cover roofs or attics. Independent inspectors have a complete checklist that includes all areas of a home and garage.

Identify problems that need correcting

Preferred Home Inspection looks for issues related to all parts of the home. When we’re finished you’ll know that all electrical, appliances, HVAC, and plumbing are in working order. Or, you’ll know what to request for the builder to complete on the punch list. Knowing the problems to address in a new home benefit the health and safety of your family when you move in.

Take time to have a professional inspector do the job and give you peace of mind about moving into your brand new home.