Document the Condition of the Roof

Few people crawl around on their roof. It’s not a safe thing to do! But knowing the condition of the roof is helpful for those buying a home. Inspectors look at the roof as part of the inspection process, but certification is different. For a minimal cost, Preferred Home Inspection provides a qualified certification to document the condition of the roof and estimate the life of the roof. The process is more thorough than an inspection. A home buyer may want this assurance before purchasing a house, especially if the age of the roof is not available. Home sellers may pay for a roof certification prior to listing their home as a way to satisfy potential buyers and encourage a strong offer.

Steps in Roof Certification

An inspector who certifies a roof effectively says, “With these repairs (or as is), this roof will last x years.” Because of the level of accountability, the inspection/certification will cover:

  1. Complete review of the roof exterior, noting broken, cracked, or missing shingles and tiles, improper or missing flashing.
  2. Review of the underside of the roof from inside the attic. The inspector is looking for signs of leaks.
  3. Interior inspection of the house and garage to look for water stains or sagging sheetrock.

Roof Certification Report

You’ll receive a detailed report of your roof’s condition and expected ‘life’, complete with photos and a description of any necessary repairs. The cost of the certification is based on the number of years. The document includes our name and contact information in case any work is required within the time period of certification.