Buyer beware

It’s very exciting to buy a new home. And once you’ve made an offer, you start to see yourself living in that home. The inspection is a very important step that you shouldn’t skip, no matter how badly you want to close on the house. Even if a seller has a pre-listing inspection, having your own buyer’s inspection of the property lets you know what you’re getting into and not wonder about unwanted surprises. You’ll have the confidence that you’re prepared to take on ownership of the new house. Three primary benefits of the home inspection are:

Identify potential problems

A house may look great when you see it all clean and lit up for the showing. But the inspection reveals the issue that can quickly turn your house into a money pit. Things such as structural issues, roof or other types of leaks are expensive to fix. If there are health and/or safety issues, the owner is responsible for making them right.

Find out when systems like HVAC or appliances like a hot water heater need to be replaced

If the HVAC is 19 or 20 years old, then you can expect that it will need replacing, probably in the near future. Such information will have an impact on the offer you’re making on the house.

Request repairs or re-negotiate offer

Depending on the number and type of findings in the inspection report, a buyer may request that the seller perform repairs prior to closing. If the issues are significant, then your agent may recommend re-negotiating the offer. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the condition of the house you’re buying.

Know what to expect

It’s a good idea for the buyer and buyer’s agent to accompany the inspector. This is your opportunity to fully learn about your home, and ask questions that come up along the way. You’ll learn about things like the HVAC, appliances, and fixtures that you wouldn’t know if you didn’t attend the inspection. And, your inspector can tell you how to operate things such as the sprinkler system.

The inspector will provide you a report within a few days. You may have questions that help you understand the findings for maintenance purposes, or to request repairs or even renegotiate purchase. You’ll know the overall condition of the home, and what it will take to maintain the home.

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