Hold Builders Accountable for Construction

The first year of owning a new home goes by quickly, and a builder’s home warranty expires in one year for most items. Save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs by having an 11th month warranty inspection. You may think, “I’ve lived in this house almost a year, and nothing is wrong, so everything is probably fine.” Because you are closing in on your last opportunity to have the builder pay for necessary repairs, having an 11th month inspection is a good idea:

Some defects don’t appear until a home is lived in

Hidden defects may cause problems down the road, 5, 10, or even 20 years later. For example, problems such as drainage issues that lead to structural erosion or instability need to be taken care of sooner rather than later. You may also have problems on the roof with shingles, tiles, or flashing that you haven’t noticed, but will become worse over time.

Sub-contractors may not have don’t the job correctly

It’s hard to know the quality of the sub-contractors that worked on your house. And frankly, after you live in your house for a while, you adjust to certain things not working exactly right. An 11th month warranty inspection ensures that what needs repairing is fixed to your satisfaction. You must be proactive and let the builder know what needs fixing

Benefits of an 11th month warranty inspection include:

Invites a trained eye to see what needs repair

The average person won’t notice structural problems. But Preferred Home Inspection knows what to examine to confirm that your house is as structurally sound today and going forward as it was when you bought it. It also takes a trained professional to notice other issues such as grading and proper amounts of sealant.

Saves owner hundreds or thousands in repair costs

Holding the builder accountable for his or her warranty saves you money that you would have to pay down the road. Some issues are small, but some are significant. Having the builder take care of repairs protects the investment you have in your home.

Contact Preferred Home Inspection to evaluate your home from top to bottom – roof to foundation.